Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Guide to Quit Smoking

You have made the decision to quit smoking. That a significant step forward. Congratulations Its difficult to go a week without smoking. In order to increase your chances of effectively quitting and remaining quit you must prepare well. Tobacco kills up to 50% of its users according to the World Health Organization. The key to successful smoking cessation is preparation just 2.1 percent of smokers who attempt to quit smoking without a plan succeed. Smokers who plan ahead of time and have procedures and tactics in place to combat cravings have a 3 times higher success rate.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

To overcome your addiction you must first recognize it. Nicotine which is found in all tobacco products is a highly addictive chemical. Its a psychotropic chemical that changes brain chemistry which is why individuals become addicted to cigarettes. It is virtually as addictive as other drugs like cocaine and heroin according to researchers. It has a physical and psychological dependence.

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal include

Anxiety and depression


Tingling and sweating in the hands and feet



Gaining weight

Inability to concentrate

Cravings for nicotine


Not everyone will experience all of the withdrawal symptoms and the majority of users will find it most difficult to deal with nicotine cravings. Remember that the first three days are the most difficult because cravings and other withdrawal symptoms are at their peak.


Quit Day Checklist

Writing down a stop plan is the greatest approach to prepare for quitting smoking. It serves as a visual reminder of why you are quitting and how you plan to do so successfully in the long run.

Set a date for quitting.

Plan ahead of time

List of justifications

Recognize your triggers

Know how to deal with nicotine cravings.




Quit Smoking Methods

There are numerous methods for quitting smoking. Smokers personal blend of tried and true ways is ultimately what works for them.

In general there are two methods for quitting smoking:

Cold turkey cessation often known as unassisted cessation.

Smokers just quit without using nicotine replacement products or medication to replace the nicotine in cigarettes.

Assisted Cessation

 Nicotine replacement therapy and medicine that suppresses nicotine cravings are used to replace cigarette nicotine.

Alternative Quit Smoking Methods

There are additional less traditional approaches that can be utilized to improve your chances of a successful quitting. Some of them have been studied and confirmed to be effective.

Cigarettes with electronic components


Behavioral therapy


Laser therapy

Magnet therapy

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