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Pet Psychic

Pet Psychic

Pet Psychic

A pet psychic is a person who claims to be able to speak with animals both live and dead through psychic means. The term psychic refers to what is referred to as extrasensory perception which is the ability to perceive information that is not available to the normal senses. Scientific sceptics think that people believe in such skills because of cognitive biases and the practitioners use of various strategies including intentional deceit.

If you have pets you may have questioned if they are aware of your thoughts. When you start planning a trip to the vet your cat may hide. When you think about going out to play your dog may run in circles. Both of these occurrences can be explained logically.

Your cat may have heard you take the carrier off the shelf and your dog may have noticed you looking at a favorite ball. Pet psychics sometimes known as animal intuitive or animal communicators have a different take on these happenings. Most pet psychics believe that you speak with your pets telepathically all of the time without even realizing it. Because of mental signals you transmit your cat hides and your dog prepares to play not because of your actions.

Psychics for pets claim to be able to go one step farther. They communicate with animals by using their brains. Some psychics claim to be able to communicate with wild animals but most focus on pets. They communicate with pet owners over the phone or in person referring to them as human companions. They then transfer telepathic signals to and from pets for a fee. Psychics frequently utilise images or descriptions to make contact with dogs who are not present.

This type of animal communication is a strange occurrence. Its a mix of telepathy and clairvoyance both of which are extrasensory perception abilities (ESP). The majority of pet psychics describe it in terms of energy.

Electromagnetic energy like the force in "Star Wars," surrounds and penetrates everything in the universe according to pet psychics. Although this energy is part of the radio spectrum scientists have yet to discover how to detect it. No, pet psychics can not use energy to communicate with animals.

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