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Palmistry, often known as palm reading, chiromancy, or chirology,is a fortune-telling discipline based on the study of the palm. There areseveral cultural variations to the practice that may be seen all across theworld. Palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, and chorologists are all termsused to describe those who perform chiromancy.

Would not it be fantastic if you had a mechanism in place to alertyou when your workday is about to turn into something so dreadful that you wouldrather stay in bed? Actually, everyone has access to a warning system likethis, and its right in your hand. Palmistry is an often-overlooked tool forgaining insight into your future as a work-in-progress. The majority of peoplebelieve that a palm reading is a form of divination.

Do you have any doubts? Make a photocopy of the palms of your handsnow, and then recopy them six months later, or perhaps sooner, in the samemachine. You will notice that the lines on your hands are deepening orshallowing, forking or even disappearing. Every palm reading is a snapshot ofa map of your future life path, although some markings might alter over thecourse of days or even hours. As a result, your palm functions more like a GPSthan a permanent map. You can seek for blessings or major warning signs as youget up in the morning to help you steer your life in the proper direction.Begin by examining your dominant hand, which should be your active hand.

The hand has been extremely essential for scientists since theEnlightenment movement in Europe in the 18th century. Consider Sir CharlesBell, a well-known surgeon and physiologist.

Bell was no slacker when it came to science. His nerve experimentspaved the way for todays understanding of the nervous system. He has even beengiven his own facial palsy.

The hand was a very important component of Bells physique.Palmistry, like astrology and homoeopathy, is now seen as a challenge ofscientific reductionism, implying that there is a metaphysical world beyondobservable matter.

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