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Numerology is a science and art that has been utilized for hundreds of years to comprehend the human spirit and personality via the use of ones complete name and birth date. Our names and dates of birth convey a tale about ourselves, about who we are and what we were born to be. It reveals a great deal about our abilities, capacities, personality traits, deepest desires and longings, as well as our life obstacles.

Every person has a personal chart based on their unique name and date of birth, and this chart exposes a great depth of information and insight about their soul journey, as well as concrete keys for action, change, or understanding that address their innermost needs on nearly any level and facet. The Numerology reading allows you to see and understand what is most important to you; it shows your unique path - the one that will allow you to be the most in tune with yourself.

Few people realize that the brilliant and well-known Pythagoras, who made significant contributions to mathematics and geometry, is also known as the "Father of Numerology." Numbers, according to Pythagoras, are living forces and universal essences that are one of the universes building blocks. As a result, by truly grasping numbers, you can tap into the intelligence that created and supports this vast and amazing universe, as well as comprehend its workings.

Everything in the universe has its own unique vibrational frequency. You may determine the qualities and energies connected with anything by determining its vibration rate. You may calculate the major frequencies of different persons by applying numerology principles and using simply their name and birth date as the basic data. The estimated frequencies numerological examination reveals a lot about these peoples personalities and character.

For you, this means that by deciphering your own particular numerological chart, you may discover what you are made of, what your natural qualities are, and what the universes goal is for you. As a result, numerology is a spiritual yet practical method that can assist you in living in accordance with your souls path, the larger global plan, and the greater will of the universe. As a result, there is more fulfilment, happiness, independence, and a sense of inner meaning.

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