Love and Relationships

Love and Relationships

Love and Relationships

Friendship, sexual attraction, intellectual compatibility and of course love make up a partnership. Love is the cement that holds a relationship together. Its a biological issue. But what really is love and how can you tell whether you re in love?

Its tough to define love because everyones understanding of true love differs considerably. People frequently mix up the terms lust, attraction and camaraderie. As a result, there is no universally accepted definition of love. Love, on the other hand can be defined as a strong sense of euphoria and deep attachment for someone or something. This love definition or meaning may or may not include all of the emotions that make up how it feels to be in love.

Everyone who want to start a family usually fantasises about having a joyful, loving relationship. This love in turn breeds optimism and affection for one another which many others admire. As a result, love is an important part of every human being that necessitates a great deal of dedication and focus. Any relationship however demands more than just feelings of intimacy and promises to live together with one another while adhering to relationship principles. Its also worth noting that developing a trusting and productive relationship marked by love requires time and work. Here are some tips on cultivating love in relationships:

Practice love-kindness meditation

Love-kindness Meditation is an interpersonal relationship-improvement strategy. The practices objective is to meditate while thinking about your loved ones focusing on warm thoughts and wishing for their well-being and happiness.


One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is communication. Healthy communication in which you listen to your spouse and express your needs and desires can go a long way toward achieving your goals. Misunderstandings are substantially minimised when people communicate. It also avoids unrealistic and disappointed expectations which can be a contributing factor in a relationships demise.

Conflict resolution

Fights between couples or between anyone who cares about each other are practically unavoidable. How we overcome these disagreements and disputes on the other hand reveals your willingness to develop love in your partnership. Its possible that people are not in love if they say nasty things to each other during a disagreement or do not respect one other when they disagree.


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