Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility

Compatibility is the natural alignment of two peoples lifestyle choices and ideals. A youth minister and a drug dealer are unlikely to get along and I doubt many of them end up dating. If I respect clever and educated women and meet a high school dropout who is drawn to guys with large biceps who like to hunt deer we have a fundamental difference that will almost certainly never be addressed and we will never date. Not for long at least Compatibility refers to two peoples long-term potential. Similar lifestyles and values lead to a high level of compatibility. In general, educated liberals prefer to date other educated and liberal individuals. Hedonists are attracted to other hedonists. Religious nuts who date other religious nuts are usually mad.

You will frequently worry if you are actually compatible when you are initially starting out in a relationship or meeting someone for the first time. It can be difficult to tell if you are compatible with someone immediately away. You are usually putting your best foot forward and the other person is probably doing the same. This can make determining whether you are actually compatible or just pretending to be because you like one other challenging. Even if you have been dating for a long time you will want to make sure you are completely compatible before making a significant commitment such as moving in together or marrying.

Areas of Compatibility

Life priorities - Where do you see yourself in the next five years for each of you? Is it better to work your way up the corporate ladder or spend your days on a tropical beach? Do you want to start a family and settle down or do you want to live a carefree life?

Preferences – Are there any things that you and your partner love doing together? Is one of you okay with living in a dumpster and the other is a neat freak? Does one show up on time for dates while the other is always two hours late?

Fundamental beliefs

Is one of you a career scientist while the other is a conspiracy theorist who jumps from one idea to the next?


Our values are the source of the majority (if not all) of the preceding. I have bad news for you if your values do not match those of your significant other.

Favorite burrito taste

      It all comes down to burritos. Always.


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