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Healthy living

Healthy living

Healthy living

 Everyone benefits from leading a healthy lifestyle. When we take care of our physical health we feel better as well fitter, calmer and more capable of dealing with challenges. When you have a mental disease this is very vital.

There are numerous strategies to be healthy that are both enjoyable and beneficial.


You will benefit from living a healthier lifestyle in the following ways

You will feel better mentally

You will save money

You will have fewer health problems

Taking charge of your own life

Getting healthy

Healthy living refers to leading a good lifestyle and incorporating healthy behaviors into your daily routine. Although it might be tough to break old habits there are steps you can do to improve your health. Identifying less healthy habits and learning new positive ones to replace them is an important first step such as

Eating healthy foods and balanced meals

Sleeping well and managing stress

Practicing safe sex, responsibly drinking alcohol and not abusing drugs

Being physically active

Staying connected with others


The key to building positive habits that you will stick with is to:

Begin slowly

Change one thing at a time to realize the benefits of eating more balanced meals, getting more exercise or quitting smoking.

Make little changes

A change that is doable is more likely to become a habit.

Slow down

 Making a change gradually rather than all at once can be simpler.



Extend what you already do

If you enjoy walking for example try expanding your typical route by a sensible distance. Remember that even one new health behavior can make a significant difference in your overall health.

Work around challenges

There are things you may do to deal with any additional issues you may face as a result of your disease or treatment such as drowsiness, sugar cravings or a lack of enthusiasm. You can take the following steps

Plan daily activities around drug side effects such as scheduling exercise for the afternoon if you are drowsy in the morning.

Speak with your doctor about your concerns there may be another drug you can try or you can seek expert assistance from a dietician or psychologist.

Staying healthy

Being healthy entails more than just getting in shape and feeling better it also entails maintaining that state.

Schedule monthly checkups with your doctor to monitor your progress and provide that extra push you may need to keep going.

Reward yourself treat yourself to something wonderful as a reward for creating healthy habits.

Overcome setbacks if you make a mistake remain realistic and start over.

Finding Support

There are several options for getting the aid you need to stay healthy. Finding a decent GP (general practitioner) with whom you feel comfortable discussing your health is a crucial first step. You can work together to maintain your health and schedule checkups as needed if you see the same GP every time. Having a support person can make all the difference in sticking to a healthy routine. Consult friends, relatives a mental health programed or a case worker. Do not forget about other services available in your neighborhood.

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