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Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

Dreams are a regular occurrence during sleep. Though you may not always remember your dreams you probably spend two hours each night dreaming. You may view images in color or black and white in your dreams. Other senses such as sound, smell, touch and even taste may be experienced. Though you can dream at any stage of sleep the most vivid dreams happen during REM sleep.

Experts have proposed numerous theories as to why we dream

Emotional Processing: Dreaming can aid in the processing of our feelings. Dreams that are more unsettling are more common in people who are anxious or agitated.

Memory Formation or Strengthening Dreaming brain activity is similar to memory-processing brain activity when you are awake. This according to experts, suggests a relationship between dreams and memory.

Mental decluttering Researchers believe that extraneous information or unpleasant ideas can cause the brain to slow down. Dreaming can assist your brain in sorting through information and thoughts to select what to keep.

Normal Sleep Function Some specialists believe that dreaming is an unavoidable aspect of REM(sleep).   
Do Dreams Have Meaning?

May be you have awoken from a vivid dream and wondered what it meant. Neurologists and psychologists have been studying the meaning of dreams for years. There is no definitive answer as to why we dream or what our dreams mean assuming they have any meaning at all. Experts on the other hand have proposed numerous theories. Sigmund Freud a psychoanalyst felt that dreams were the gateway to the unconscious. During sleep he discovered that dreams were made up of a mix of personal experiences, external inputs, internal stimuli, and mental processes. Essentially, Freud believed that dreams obscured and distorted the dreams unconscious meaning. Freud felt that by studying and interpreting dreams we may gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our hidden impulses.

How Do I Analyze and Interpret My Dreams?

Dream interpretation is not a precise science. Most dreams can be interpreted in a variety of ways whether they are pleasant, bad or neutral. Consider one or a combination of the following ways if you want to analyses and understand the significance of your dreams:

Keep a Dream Notebook

Consider Your Sentiments

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