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Career Guides

Career Guides

Career Guides

A complete developmental programme aimed to assist individuals in choosing and implementing educated educational and occupational choices might be termed as career guidance. It is in plain terms a journey along which people learn to make mature and educated judgments. It is the act of directing or pointing someone in the right direction as well as the act of asking advice.

Individuals receive career counselling to help them obtain the knowledge, information, skills and experience needed to discover professional alternatives and reduce them down to a single choice. This employment choice has a long-term impact on their social, economic and emotional well-being. We live in a highly competitive period when the quality of our future existence is determined by our work choices and efforts. Every day the competition grows stronger and it has now consumed even the once-unconventional courses. The value of competent career guidance and counselling cannot be overstated in light of this.

A few years ago the vast majority of students competed for mainstream courses like as engineering, medical sciences, business and so on. Other courses such as arts, fine arts, hotel management and so on were chosen by a select few and so admittance was not a major issue. Even these courses are now difficult to obtain and applicants must compete with a large number of students for acceptance.

The rivalry has become so fierce that there is no room for errors in the workplace. One minor blunder can put you behind in the pursuit of your goals. Nowadays your resumes career choices are considered as a first impression of your decision-making abilities. As a result even a minor career misstep might have a negative impact.

Todays kids are expected to know what they want to do with their lives and how to get there. This puts a lot of pressure on students and their parents who are trying to figure out which career path to take. Students and parents have benefited from professional career counselling services.

An excellent career advice specialist will not only point you in the direction of your desire but will also provide you with end-to-end support throughout all of the steps needed. With so many universities and courses to choose from its critical that a student receives college and career assistance in order to obtain a better job.

What Are The Elements of Career Guidance

Lets take a closer look at the most significant aspects of Career Guidance to gain a better understanding of it:

A Qualified Career Counsellor

A Secure Environment

An Agreement of Trust and Confidence


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