Adult Psychotherapy

Adult Psychotherapy

                               Adult therapy

Individuals in adult therapy can explore and improve their emotional, behavioral and relationship functioning. Your work and personal lives will both benefit from improving how you deal with your emotions and communicate with others. Our psychologists can assist you in developing new coping techniques, increasing confidence, improving habits, strengthening communication skills and solidifying a sense of meaning and purpose through treatment. We can also assist you in resolving any obstacles that have previously impeded you from achieving your objectives. We take a collaborative, strengths based approach and place a great importance on the therapeutic relationship which is the foundation for treatment development.

Our clinical psychologists can assist you with a variety of issues including

Panic disorder and panic episodes


Generalized anxiety and excessive worry

Social anxiety

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Anger issues and mood swings in adults

Adult Attention Deficit

Development of meaningful relationships

Problems establishing or maintaining relationships

Job, career or school challenges

Stress and problems faced by parents and caregivers

Conflict in the family

Stress management

Trauma and loss


Healthy living skills

We employ a number of treatment approaches including

Cognitive-behavioral therapy



Systems therapy

Behavioral therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy

Mindfulness and relaxation 

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