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Social Skills and Self Esteem Group for Girls

Social Skills and Self Esteem Group for Girls 08-06-2022
Social Skills and Self Esteem Group for Girls

Social Skills & Self-Esteem Group for Girls


Understanding and employing age appropriate social skills is critical for social and academic success. Social and academic behavior are inextricably linked. Though academics are taught in a highly structured, goal oriented manner, social skills are typically not taught in this manner. As a result some teenagers do not develop social skills at the same rate as their peers. This is especially true for people who suffer from ADHD/ADD, anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Social Communication Disorder, Learning Disabilities and other conditions. Bullying, low self-esteem, melancholy, social isolation and avoidance can all result from difficulties with peer socialization. The Socialites Social Skills and Self-Esteem Groups for Girls provide a safe, friendly, and psychoeducational environment in which group members benefit from planned courses, activities and discussions.

The group also allows individuals to share, examine and process some of the emotional or behavioral consequences of their social issues with an emphasis on coping methods for improving emotional regulation, distress tolerance and assertive communication.


The Goals for the Socialites Group for Girls include:

Managing peer pressure and recognizing peer manipulation or malicious intent

Recognizing and managing gossip, rumors or bullying

Improving self image and self esteem

Understanding social boundaries

Accepting social rules or expectations and their consequences

Increasing effective and assertive communication

Managing negative emotions, depression or anxiety

The proper usage of social media and internet safety

Group Format


Role-playing to practice skills

Performance discussion

Practice in a peer setting

Modeling Appropriate Behaviors, Actions and Responses

Giving and Receiving Feedback from facilitators and peers