How to Quit Social Media for a Happier and More Focused Life

How to Quit Social Media for a Happier and More Focused Life 10-02-2023
How to Quit Social Media for a Happier and More Focused Life

When I catch up with some friends, family, or colleagues, another person will eventually ask if I saw what they posted on their Facebook or Instagram but rather on Twitter. Some of you may believe I'm bragging about my absence from social media activity. Life after quitting social media is a defiant symbol of pride for some.

 However, I've recently realized that limiting my use of social media makes me live a much happier and more focused life. Despite the puzzled looks I have when I tell people I didn't see the latest viral Facebook video, I've never felt like I've missed out.

The Benefits of Living without Social Media

About the benefits of staying off social media, I recently read an article about simply the impact of debt on happiness, and it reminded me that specific things tax happiness. Similar to debt, certain things might be so off-putting that they negatively impact your personal affairs and how you work.

Less Disturbance

How to quit social media Reddit which I was doing at work whenever I earned a social media alert. While I could avoid this by turning off notifications, using a site-blocking app, or completely turning off my phone, I'd still be worried about being forced to confirm my social feeds.

FOMO is an extremely real phenomenon. Research at Duke University's Institute for Advanced Hindsight discovered that even after you spin off alerts, you still worry about missing out.

Improved Productivity

According to the American Psychological Association, multitasking, such as quitting social media and a work-related job, can reduce productivity by up to 40%.

After you stop using social media, you'll notice that you can focus on a single task until it's completed, which will complete you quite productive and efficient at work.

Appreciation for the present

Outside of employment, social media takes your attention away from the present moment. Let's pretend you're having a family meal. Everyone's faces were glued to their cell phones breeding disbursed time with their loved ones. That is not going to help your relationships with one another, How to quit social media addiction.

Here's another one. You and a friend of a business commission attend a concert or perhaps a baseball game. Because you're too busy reading social media updates but preferably verifying to see what others are stationing you're not fully inundated in this activity and, worse, enjoying the background you're in.

Sleeping well

According to studies, social media use is associated with sleep, anxiety, depression, & low self-esteem.

That should come as no surprise. We were lying in bed, scrolling through our social media feeds, making comparisons ourselves to others. In addition to the UV light from our TV scenes stimulating our brains, we become envious and wish designers were lying on even a beach rather than getting ready for work every morning.

How to Limit Social Media in a Realistic Manner

I'll be the first to admit that giving up social media is formidable and celebrities who quit social media. Of course, the fear of being left out plays a role. That is the first step in successfully defining social media: accepting that you will miss out on some things.

You'll eventually realize you're not relatively as isolated as you think. Because your primary modes of communication are more intimate, such as texts and phone calls, you could develop even stronger relationships.

Here are some steps to take to prepare for quitting social media.

Disable Push Notification:

That is an excellent first step towards quitting social media. Hearing the distracting honks of notifications all the time can cause anxiety and cause you to return to social media. Eliminating these notifications will train you to stay off the internet for long periods. You might even discover that you don't check it for an entire day,

Uninstall Social Media Application:

Those social media apps should be uninstalled from the phone and logged out on your computer. That is a simple method for removing the temptation to see your social media channels with a single click or tap. It will be difficult at first, but you will eventually enjoy the benefits of never being dependent on social media.

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Look For New Distractions

When you decide to stop using Facebook, start looking for numerous other directions to deflect yourself so you don't dwell on the anxiety of simply being apart from your feed. Take up a hobby, vipassana meditation, and work out, participate, devour a book, or meet in person to catch a friend.

These activities give the person something else to think about and even allow visitors to strengthen existing relationships and form new, more meaningful ones.

As you learn to live without social media, users can use Psycholox free Fast Track Class - Overcoming Distractions to strengthen their focus muscles. Register for a free class today.


If you assume you want social media to stay informed, look for relevant alternatives such as newsletters or RSS feeds. Set boundaries, including logging in every week to reply to messages & schedule content for the following week, if you need to establish a professional social media presence. You also could delegate or outsource someone's social media responsibilities to remain social media-free.

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