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Adult ADHD Testing and Counseling

Adult ADHD Testing and Counseling 08-06-2022
Adult ADHD Testing and Counseling

Adult ADHD Testing & Counseling

Its predicted that half of all children diagnosed with ADHD will continue to have these symptoms as adults. Adults often have more choice in picking careers and activities that are better suited to their skills so the number could be higher. It also thought that a large proportion of individuals are misdiagnosed and may be suffering from secondary difficulties as a result of their untreated ADHD. In adults with ADHD anxiety is the most common comorbid issue and distinguishing between the two can be challenging. Treatments include psychoeducation, problem-solving tactics, executive functioning coaching and family/marital assistance for issues that occur frequently as a result of ADHD.

Signs and symptoms of an Attention Deficit Disorder in adults may include:

Lack of focus

Workplace inefficiency

Organizational issues

Lateness and failure to complete tasks on time

Behavioral and emotional impulsivity

Restlessness and a low tolerance for boredom

Excessive use of the internet and phone

Lack of motivation

Relationship issues

Substance abuse

Methodology of Evaluation

Adults with ADHD symptoms usually require at least two visits to be evaluated. Two visits allow the doctor to assess motivation for follow-up the duration of symptoms and dysfunction and the likelihood of alternative diagnoses in addition to providing for a full evaluation. During both visits the following components of a thorough evaluation should be considered:

Examining and confirming current symptoms and dysfunction

Evaluation for comorbid and mimicking psychiatric illnesses, medical disorders or substance abuse

Determination of a childhood onset