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Activity Social Skills Groups For Boys

Activity Social Skills Groups For Boys 08-06-2022
Activity Social Skills Groups For Boys

Activity Social Skills Groups For Boys

The Activity Counseling for Boys programme focuses on developing skills that will enable boys to achieve social, emotional and academic success. Psycholox Services Activity Counseling Groups use activities, games and problem-solving projects to help boys develop resources to overcome social and coping issues. The groups are instructive, provide advice in appropriate behavior and allow males to receive positive feedback from group leaders and participants. The groups provide a safe atmosphere for boys to experiment with new behaviors and have positive experiences in a setting where criticism is avoided and positive feedback is given.


The goals of Activity Counseling Groups for Boys include:

To learn and practice practical and useful social and coping skills that will improve problem solving abilities and interpersonal success

To give possibilities for exposure and learning that will translate into real life situations.

To transmit skills, information and corrective experiences in an active, engaging, and enjoyable setting.

To treat specific difficulties such as those related to ADHD, Autism/spectrum, Asperger social anxiety, social skills deficits sand frustration control and stress management.

Emphasize positive strength based life skills that can be used by anyone.


Initiatives and Activities

Activities, conversation and problem solving challenges are used in Activity Counseling Groups to encourage increased engagement and real life experiences in conquering problems and adjusting in healthy ways.

These activities include:

Social education games

Mindfulness techniques

Leadership initiatives

Team-building games

Active coping exercises

Group problem-solving activities

Self-Esteem experiences

Active teaching is used in this experiential manner so that learning can be incorporated, experienced, passed on and remembered. Boys can work together to promote cooperation, greater focus, sportsmanship and communication skills through the activities and initiatives.

Skills for Life

Each week a session is delivered that is targeted to both individual and group objectives. Skill modules are designed to enhance a child or adolescents ability to function efficiently and successfully in the world.

Lessons include

Social Skills: beginning discussions, establishing friends, settling problems, dealing with loss, making mistakes and improving interpersonal attraction are all examples of social skills.

Mindfulness:improving the ability to focus and strengthen attention.

Self-talk Skills:the ability to exert more control over ones thoughts while raising positive and diminishing negative thoughts.

Self-Esteem:cultivating a good outlook, feeling confident in ones own skin and fighting peer pressure

Problem-solving:collaborating with others, making wise decisions and defining objectives.

Coping:Frustration tolerance, anger control, anxiety reduction and self confidence boosting.

Alternative to Traditional Counseling

The Activity Counseling Groups are a nontraditional approach to counselling that engages boys in activities while stressing skill development and process oriented in the moment experiences and feedback. Unlike other traditional sporting activities, the Activity Groups place a premium on teamwork and collaboration above individual achievement.